Single Sign On

Information / Help

What is this?

A single place to authenticate for web applications throughout YP. It is currently in its early stages and will take some time until all applications are using it.

What password do I use?

If you are a YP employee or you have a YELLOWPAGES Windows domain account, use that login and password. Enter your login only. If you are James Smith with a login of jsmith, enter jsmith as your login name.

If you are an AT&T employee, at the login screen click on "Use AT&T Global Login".

Where does the information in my profile come from?

Much of it is copied from Active Directory (our Windows user database).

Why can't I change some of the data in my profile?

Data that comes from Active Directory is "read only" in this system. You must have the data changed at the source, in Active Directory. Please open a ticket with Helpdesk for such data changes. It will be updated in SSO within 24 hours.

There's incorrect data in my profile.

If you are not able to edit the data within SSO, contact Helpdesk to get your data corrected. It will be updated in SSO within 24 hours.